Friday, July 10, 2009

Staying still...

It is interesting to note that most of our internal feelings and emotions have mirror manifestations in nature. Storms, lightning, gentle rainfall, thunder, tornadoes, sunsets, sunrises, the blooming of flowers, winter, spring, summer, fall, deep lakes and oceans, deserts, forests, long winding paths, drought, flood, quick-sand, currents, shooting stars, rainbows...the list goes on and on....and on. Each type of natural reality has it's reflection within our core of being.

It seems that the truth of this lies in the reality of oneness that we all share. We are not separate from nature. We are not just connected to each other, but are literally one with all that there is. This includes everything in reality. Emotions are as organic as a flash flood, or a winter snow fall...or the breeze of spring. We feel what we feel because we are organic creatures, living in an organic world and we bend and sway just like saplings in a riparian grove in the wind.

We are not immune to the hurricanes of our lives, we can not ignore it when the currents are strong, or pretend that the deserts in our lives don't make us gasp for the healing of water to renew our chance for life. We thrive in abundance, we need shelter from foul weather, and sometimes, we need to be rescued when the quicksand of emotional pain threatens to drag us under it's blanket of suffocation.

Tears are the organic responds to being flooded with a hurricane of grief.

Rage is the outpouring of lava from the volcano of our soul erupting.

Love is the warmth created within the warmth of a billowy ocean and the smell of flowers on the breeze.

Forgiveness sails through us like the melody of bird song.

Hopelessness is the realization that you are stuck in the desert, and that no one can save you.

We are one with nature...our feelings are natural responses to a natural world. We can see our emotions in every manifestation of natures mirror.

Feeling that I must stay still while I am caught in the quicksand of grief, least I be pulled down by my resistance to it's magnetism is understandable. I know if I am still within myself that I have a chance of survival. A chance to discover a way out. I know if I try to find stillness within myself, rather than thrashing about in efforts to free myself from the trap of depression, an opportunity for healing may have a chance to make it's way toward me, and a vine may break loose from an overhead tree, offering me a way out, before I sink. It is in the stillness, in the allowance of letting tears fall freely, without shame, that the way will come.

The patterns are the same...within us, and outside of us...and this is only true, because there is no in or out. We are one.

Somehow...understanding this truth feels like the vine I've been hoping for. There is always a rainbow after a storm...

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  1. That is beautiful... and so true! It is the stillness that I crave, the time to reflect and let my emotions run their course. The seasons do change. Winter up here in Canada amidst several feet of blowing, blinding snow and frigid temperatures can feel like an eternity... I always have to remind myself that soon Spring will come and with it, rebirth of the earth and a renewed sense of energy. A light at the end of the tunnel. I'm trying to be patient and understanding of this.


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