Wednesday, February 3, 2010

chocolate, treadmills and puppies

What do these things have in common? Well...for me, they are all sources of endorphin release. Well....maybe not the treadmill in and of itself, but, walking is a source, and hence, a treadmill simulating walking can fit into that category as well.

So first....chocolate.

As most women know, chocolate is the source of all things happy. Studies show that women that eat chocolate at least once a week will live longer than their non-chocolate eating friends. Downside? Eating chocolate as a source of happiness will also lead to increased butt size and all around overall increase in mass period, which does NOT make one happy.


Due to increased butt size caused by the chocolate that was eaten to try to enjoy a happiness that has been elusive at best since the loss of my sweet twins, Simon and Alexander...I walk a lot. I walk with my sheepdog pups every day. But, as I also have to use a computer for my freelance work, and the online classes I am taking in an effort to "stay in the loop" (including one called "Grief Loss and Bereavement".)I ALSO sit a lot. Too much in fact. Not only do I sit around for work and school...but I sit around helping my kids with homeschooling, and then I sit around with my husband exchanging foot massages while he talks about his day, and I cry about mine.

So, I started looking for ways to walk while working. The resulting effect was that I found the Treadmill computer desk. I called the company and told them I wanted to know if they would barter with me for my writing service with my home business "Butterfly Reflections". They agreed, and this is what they are sending me in exchange for my talent with words....

I fully expect to reduce the size of my butt, enjoy the natural calming effects of endorphin release caused by walking, and have hopes that this desk will not only make me healthier...but happier too. I expect that my recent diagnosis of the heart condition known as "long QT" will be quelled due to the natural reduction in stress that walking brings on, and that overall...I will feel better at the end of the day when I know that instead of sitting for hours on end...I was walking instead.

Regardless of the effects, it will at least be a more interesting way to write.

This brings me to the last item on the list, but by far the most important one. Puppies.

Puppies of such furry warmth and lovable sweetness, only a person of steel hearted coldness could resist their charm. Adorable sweet faces punctuated by black noses and only the occasional flash of a sparkling eye under all that fur. They romp gleefully on our walks, enjoying the snow and slipping around like two bear cubs in the woods. They make me smile and they lick away my tears. They trot ahead, insuring that the path is safe for me to travel...and though I am not happy about the size of my own butt at this time....I certainly do love to watch theirs!

Yes....these are butts that would make anybody smile.


  1. Sara, I love you and your writing! I also love your taste in music. I wrote you this last week but that post was eaten. I LOVE the song Both Sides Now, love it so much. I can't believe you have that along with Everybody Hurts and Yesterday. You are truly my soul sister even if you are all the way in BFE.

    This post made me smile all around. The sheepie butts and the treadmill is just wonderful. I always relate to your pain and grief but I also (especially lately) get so much enjoyment from reading your lovely words.

    I'm so sad tonight but so happy that you're out there too, Sara.


  2. I love this post :) I hope you love your treadmill. I'm glad you're doing something good for yourself and I hope it helps with the stress ((hugs))

  3. that is awesome! i want a treadmill writing space :) you are such a great barterer sara


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