Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentines wish...

May the love you feel for your babies
both here and lost forever
be the glue that holds your life together
even with the rains crash in
even with the storm blows
even with fog obstructs your view
even when you lack strength to go on.

May the passion you feel for your lover
yesterday and tomorrow
be the twinkle in your eye
even when your arms are empty
even when your tears flow
even when you cannot breathe
even when you feel distant.

May the person you always dreamed of being
while you made mud pies, and ran barefoot with abandon
be the wind that holds you afloat
even when your heart is broken
even with all "could have beens"
even when the load is crushing
even with too much to bear.

May this day of love filled inspiration
With all it's glitter and poofy frill
Be more meaningful than a box of chocolates
because your heart deserves love
because your future deserves hope
because your present deserves warmth
because all healing starts with love.

Happy Valentines Day sweet mothers.
Happy Valentines Day sweet babies.
Happy Valentines Day to all the fathers.
Happy Valentines Day to brothers...sisters...
Happy Valentines Day.
A day of love.
for love.
because of love.

Happy Valentines Day.


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