Thursday, April 22, 2010

Strange happenings...

What is the chance of strange occurrences happening multiple times?

Is it still CHANCE when the odds are defied?

I'm struggling with a mild concussion from stupidly hitting my head HARD against my new computer desk corner. really really hard. But, it isn't the concussion that caused what happened this afternoon. I'm not crazy. Yet.

Made lunch for my 4 sons....hungry boys....was frying turkey sausage, toasting toast, making juice...( sounds like breakfast...but it was a lunch offered in apology for having served them lumpy cream of rice this morning. (Bleck!) Began the cracking of eggs to fry in the pan. A double yolk appeared. I smiled softly thinking of Simon and Alexander....because as mentioned in my previous was the beginning of it all. All the loss...all of the horror...all of the miracles, sad...but still present. I cracked a second egg.

It was a double yolk too. I stopped for a moment. a lump in my throat.

Cracked another...just to be sure I wasn't seeing things, even though they were sizzleing there in front of me.

A double.

I flipped them out of the pan and started cracking more. Another double.

And another! AND ANOTHER!

Eight double yolked eggs.


It was too weird to ignore.

My husband called to tell me that his first three clients of the day were women that had lost babies.

And I told him about the eggs.

And I'm looking into the heavens to ask my babies....are you just telling me your still with me? What are you telling me sweethearts? I need you. Not just in eggs! I just NEED you!!!

Oh god...I'm so broken.

Just like the eggs.


  1. Heart aching and remembering Simon and Alexander with you. Your sweet-ones are sending you their love, like any child, free and without qualification or demand.

  2. oh sara, huge hugs...try and think of this as a sweet reminder of your little guys. somehow they like to remind you they are around by making things come in twos. just like your pups. xoxox

  3. ooo I heard someone talking on the radio about why you sometimes get a whole box of double yolkers. It was something about them getting sorted in the factory and ending up all in one box..argh I can't remember why it was exactly but it does happen....gosh this post has made me really hungry :D

  4. I'd like the think they were just doing their best to reach out and give you a hug. I know a real hug from them would be so much better. I've been thinking of you and your boys for the past several days. *hugs*

    Rachele (MommaSomeday at MDC)

  5. i think they were telling you that as you think of them, they are thinking of you. so sorry to hear about the concussion. you are in my thoughts sara...xx sending huge hugs your way

  6. I hope it was your special boys just letting you know that their spirits are with you. Thinking of you, mama


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