Sunday, April 4, 2010

If you were here...

If you were here I would have given both of you a panoramic sugar egg made with all my love to enjoy...Instead...I give it to your memories.

I would have loved to see your twin faces open in wonder to see a tiny rose inside hiding away...just as you once hid inside of me.

I would have held your chubby hands as you both learned to take your first steps. This would have been a time of such laughter. We are trying....trying to find the way without you....I realize that in being unable to hold your hands, I am groping for balance. Maybe it would have been you hold me up....maybe I need your heavenly help to take more steps...

I would have held you close each and every day. Now I can only hold you in my heart, and it aches from the pain of losing you both.

In my will always be the gifts I never got to open. Precious gifts of eternal beauty. Held in my arms for only moments...held within forever.

Sweet Simon, Beautiful Alexander--This should have been your first Easter, a purple and a yellow candle will burn all day for you both.

I am thinking of you. I love you.



  1. Beautiful Easter gifts for your sweet boys x

  2. so beautiful-you are a wonderful, wonderful mother.


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