Monday, April 26, 2010

From the bottom of my heart...

I keep asking, wondering, pleading to understand. I keep screaming, sobbing, searching for answers. Amongst it surround me and embrace me. This morning, a honey yellow card arrived from a friend I've never seen...Thank you Steph, for remembering my babies in so many ways...Thank you for holding my hand. Recently, a card with an image of a Sea Turtle graced my world...from a soul sister in Maine. Thank you sweet Liz. I have a beautiful collection of pictures, reminders, figurines, stuffed animals...and reminders of love from all over the country. Thank you...each and every one of you....for remembering. This afternoon, a box arrived from Florida...from another sister in loss. It contained two perfect little wooden carvings....

of Simon and Alexander remembered from the other side of the United States....tangible figurines of love, and sweetness. My heart is overcome....Thank you dear Marlo.

Thank you....all of you. For all the mementos of love that you share with me. Thank you for remembering my little ones with me. Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone. I am forever grateful to you sisters and brothers in life.


  1. sara, those little figurines are just beautiful. i'm glad you feel so loved and supported from all of your friends and i'm grateful to you for being one of my forever sisters too.

  2. What beautiful wooden carvings!!

  3. those figurines made me smile big... so beautiful

  4. Those carvings are absolutely beautiful. Remembering Simon & Alexander. x

  5. awww, no thanks needed Sara! What I REALLY want to do is fly over there to give you hugs and cry with you!

    Those carvings are beautiful...such sweet friends you have Sara. Praying our love comforts you even if only in little bits.


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