Monday, August 17, 2009

Sir Felix Ferdinand.... our "Baby" (We just call him Ferdinand)

He is here...our rainbow puppy....

Never have I encountered such a dear peaceful puppy. He is so sweet and follows us everywhere with his big paddy paw feet. He is smart and funny, and loves to cuddle for hours. He is gentle and observant and has the softest fur I have ever touched. He looks like a woolly stuffed animal...and never objects to being loved on.

He seems to know he has a job to do...that he must heal our broken hearts...

He is right on task...

I have nothing but love for him. He sleeps by the side of my bed, where my fingers can stroke him in the night and he licks my fingers softly and I fall back to sleep knowing all is well. I wake up early to take him out and feed him, and then brush his wonderful fur coat while he literally purrs with delight and total submission to my attention.

I carried him in a sling yesterday, and he just looked at me with his wise brown eyes and snuggled into my chest while we walked around.

What a sweet baby....I'm so thankful for this opportunity to heal through his love.

I love hearing my children laugh with him, he loves to play with them, but is really careful not to hurt them with his teeth. I'm starting to wonder if he is an angel in a dog body...sent to care for us give us back some of the joy that was stolen from us all.

Born on the 19th of June...he is a Gemini...the sign of the twins. Could it be a coincidence???
He arrived with a purple collar....another coincidence??
He seems to know...
everything that we need him to be.

My rainbow puppy is here.

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