Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Upside down

Sometimes you think you know something...

and then it all turns out to be lie.

Sometimes you think you understand something...

and then you are shown that you understand nothing. trust.

and find out you are a fool.

A complete fool. 



With no options

With no chance to heal


there are no answers.  For anything in your life. 


  1. I feel your words. Thinking of you!!

  2. Sara, I'm feeling very worried about you after reading this and right before this, FB. I am not one to tell people that their feelings are wrong... but you are not alone! I really hope that you are not in such a dark place that you feel all alone.

    I also just read the story of your eldest son's accident. Oh my gosh, reading that scared me to death. How terrifying...

    I'm thinking of you right now, Sara. I don't know if you're awake or what you're doing but I'm sitting right here, focusing all of my energy on you, ok? I'm picturing you and your dog and you at peace in hot yoga. YOU ARE NOT ALONE

    I completely feel you in my heart, like you are my real sister. I'm not even kidding. You are so loved. Hang on... It may be bad, really bad... but you are not alone, and you need to hang on.

  3. Oh Sara. I'm reluctant to comment as I feel as if I don't know the full story here. But you are in my thoughts. Hang on in there. xo


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