Saturday, September 18, 2010


As a little girl I used to belt out the words to "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow..."

I wasn't just singing it, I really believed it would....or...hoped it would.

My childhood was nothing like the childhood my children have.  It was dark.  Lonely.  So, when I sang that song, it was a little like singing the blues. 

As life went on...I kept finding myself singing that song from time to time.  Always during hard times. 

I think tomorrow has come. 

They say it always gets darkest before the dawn.  The sun is rising....and it feels good on my skin.

On that note....the fact that tomorrow is today doesn't mean rain won't ever fall again....

but today....

It IS tomorrow.


  1. What a lovely, lovely post. I like that today ... is tomorrow.

  2. Thinking of you... Hoping the sun will continue to renew your sense of hope.... ((hugs))

  3. I will believe that song with you...and hope for the sun to continue to shine for us, today and tomorrow. ((hugs))


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