Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a matter of legality

My eldest informed me last night that he legally doesn't have to call me to let me know if he's alright. That is correct. He legally has no obligation to call his mother. So, I guess that's where he's at. And...I guess it is where I am at, simply by default. So much for attachment parenting efforts for the past 20 years. Thanks Mental Illness. Thanks for stealing my son. But, hey mental illness, just for the suck.

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  1. oh sara, you are going through an awful lot right now, and have been. i am pissed for you (beyond) that they took your sacred place and ruined it. Allow yourself to be mad and don't feel bad about it. i wish i could join your yoga group you mentioned. we could all use some of that relaxtation right now. I am sorry about your oldest son. I see you got in contact with him-i wish things were different, it has got to be so hard living with a mental disorder. :( I hope he soon realizes what a great mama he has in you.


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