Thursday, December 24, 2009

Double Trouble....

My husband is a Gemini. Born on June 4th under the astrological sign of "Twins". He has always been a dialectical creature....seeing both sides...feeling both sides...wanting both sides....and ultimately, being both sides.

Our children do not have middle names. We always felt like middle names were more something that should be chosen by the them the opportunity to move the name we chose for them to the middle, or being able to select a middle name that felt right to them.


When I was pregnant the last time...we couldn't feel just one name. My husband felt strongly about the name Alexander. I felt equally strongly about Simon. When our tiny son was born still on earth day...we agreed to name him Simon Alexander...and called him Alexander.

and then....

we found out we'd had twins. We understood that we had Simon AND Alexander. We understood why we couldn't agree. Their really were two names needed. Simon and Alexander. Our twins.

When we bought our Old English sheepdog puppy...again, we couldn't agree on a name. So, we named him Felix Ferdinand...and called him Ferdinand. He was born in June...under the sign of Gemini...the sign of the twins.

Ferdinand is now 6 months old. Last week, I took my Mother in law to a special canine store. It is the place where Ferdinand has taken obedience classes. They loved him there and are always happy to see my furry friend. That afternoon though, the owner of the store said that she'd thought of me that morning because someone had called saying that they wondered if she knew anyone that wanted a free old english sheepdog puppy that was 6 months old. I took the number because I am often approached by people wanting my puppy for their own....I figured it would only be a matter of time before I could find this pup a home.

I mentioned it to my husband casually. He asked me how old the pup was and I explained that he was the same age as our Ferdinand. He looked at me and said "'s our twins."

We went to see the puppy the next day. Sweet, matted...and a blur of black and white panda bears rolled around the snow while Ferdinand enjoyed finally playing with a dog that was as big as him. The 83 year old man that had owned the other sheepie had suffered a heart this pup was too much dog for him. Yes...much too much dog for him. Probably even BEFORE the heart attack!!

We plopped our new puppy in the car next to Ferdinand to bring him home.

"What should we name him?" asked my husband. I looked at him and smiled.

"His name is Felix." We looked at each other in complete understanding. Of made perfect sense.

I bathed Felix when we got home to remove the odor of smoke and dirt from his fur. His bones sticking out prominently....starving.

I called Old English sheepdog rescue support to learn how to rehabilitate a starving sheepie....and we got straight to work.

He is filling out beautifully.

Ferdinand and Felix play wonderfully. They also fight over food...the smell of food...the idea of food....we are working on that. I've been told it will work out. They are both VERY gentle and sweet in every other circumstance. Of course food is an issue when one dog has been underfed...and another has never had to share.

Felix has two black ears, a white face and a mostly black silky haired body that looks like it will turn very light gray. Ferdinand has one black ear, and a lot more white on his chest and legs with a beautiful swirl of white among the black on his back. His hair is thick and wavy and we suspect he will be a light charcoal color when the black baby hair goes away. Felix has a silly face with abundant hair that has to be tied back if he is to be prevented from falling down the stairs. Ferdinand won't have anything to do with rubber bands and froo froo.

Born in the month of Gemini. My twins.

Gifts from the little boys I wanted so much...who are taking care of me...who are letting me know that they understand.

My twins are watching. My twins are here.


  1. Beautiful, Sara! Welcome Felix to the best of homes. Wish our Albert could come and have a romp with your twin fuzzy bears.... xo

  2. Karen! ME TOO! What fun it would be....


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