Friday, October 5, 2012

Her birthday came and went...

In no way was it unnoticed.  There was a six layer rainbow cake...a giant sun balloon...a handmade doll with rainbow 

She loves everything, you know?  When she wants to show she loves...she places her cheek against whatever, whoever, it is.  She wiggles to music.  She squeals with joy.  She places her little hands in ours and happily marches in whatever direction pulls at her fancy. 

When I hold her, I breathe in her smell...and hold it in my memory, begging that it will never be forgotten. 

Because I know what loss feels like.

Every single day.

Every single night.

I hear her quiet breath...and I will it to continue forever.

I see her shining eyes...and I beg that they will never fade.

I see her loving smile...and I pray that her love will not be abused.  Stolen. 

I ask for protection.  Life.  Joy. 

For her. 

For me. 

For all of us.

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  1. I sense each moment is so bittersweet, so two sided. I hope you were able to celebrate and smile as your sweet rainbow girl continues to grow and thrive. Take care of yourself sweet mama.


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