Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's funny how easy it is to suddenly feel unsafe on the internet.  We know that anyone can read our words when we blog, but, knowing that a particular person can read it.  IS reading it, suddenly makes the place where you express so easily, a place of hesitance.  This is the main reason I've posted so much less than in the beginning of my reflections.  However, I hope that will change now.  I'm feeling a better understanding about where I want to go with this blog. 

Right now, my family is complete.  It's been a journey that isn't complete.  Like anyone else, I am guilty of not knowing everything about relationships, but have learned a fair amount in my travels.  I know now that it is imperative to never assume you know what someone else is thinking, unless you ASK.

I'd like to share my family's latest project.  We have opened a You tube account called "TY talks" and our pilot video is entitled, "The Relationship Snake".

This video is the first of thousands of worksheets created by my husband, Ty Clement, in the privacy of his therapy office walls with hundreds of enthusiastic clients.  Each video is linked to our next book, which is a very exciting venture.  We hope to transform the world, one worksheet, and one video at a time.  Folk wisdom from a modern perspective of truth and empowerment.  This is the man who held my hand through the deepest mires of grief and helped me to live to tell the tale.  I owe him my life....and he feels the same way about me.

Thank you for watching the video.  Please pass it on.  Together, peace will be ours.