Tuesday, June 23, 2009

There are memories in the woods...

There are memories in the woods near my home. Memories in the form of color and movement.
They are in the patterns of the clouds, and in the tall grasses that blow in the early summer breeze. I see them zipping across the sky in the bodies of hummingbirds that soar and dive catching the mosquitoes that I once believed had "no purpose". There is the bird song--sweet and clear like a symphony that I enjoy in the embrace of my true love. The purple and yellow flowers continue to bloom in abundance whispering that they understand my heart.

Twin baby pines stand in a silent vigil behind a special rock that reflects the warmth of the sun.

There are memories in the woods near my home. Memories of what has passed...and memories of what will never get to be. Memories of the sweetness of love found within pain unbearable and ripping to the soul, and memories of the promise that this place will not change. It will not be cleared and robbed of it's beauty...no...this place will remain.

The flowers will bloom purple and yellow every spring. The hummingbirds will zip through the air eating the feast of mosquitoes that thrive on the spring rain. The birds will sing. The twin baby pines will grow. The rock will remain. The wind will blow the grasses. And I...I will let my tears fall into the earth while the sweet smell of wild roses reminds me that there is still beauty in the world.

My love will take my hand, and his warmth will fill my heart in all the places that ache for my twin babies that I will not get to hold and nurture at my breasts. We will walk home to the vibrant world where our other little boys laugh, play and live.

There is magic to be found.

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