Friday, April 22, 2011

2 years ago...

Earth Day.  

This was the day.  The day you were born.  The day I died.  For the first time.  This was the day.

Your daddy thanked me today for giving you both to him.   He asked me to remember what a gift you are to us all.

I cried because I have so much pain about giving him dead babies.

I cried because I wish you were here with all my heart.  Two two year olds....two two year olds. 

I cried because I love our little buttercup rainbow baby whom I feel you protecting. 

And I'm afraid. Afraid I will lose her too.

Two years ago...

You were born.  And taken away. 

I never wanted to let you go. 

I still don't.

Happy birthday my sweet babies. 

Mommy misses you.

Oh how I miss you. I miss simply the dream of who you both might have been.  I miss you.


  1. Thinking of you and your dear boys xo

  2. Happy birthday to your sweet baby boys. They will always know how much you love them and how much you fought for them to be here with you. Hoping for some peace for you today and this month. ((hugs))

  3. Sending you huge cyber hugs and thinking of your precious boys.

  4. Missing your beautiful sons with you, Sara.


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