Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sister from Another Mother...

I am standing here with tears of joy streaming down my face.  Something wonderful has happened on this earth.  If you peek here you will understand.  This is the celebration of a beautiful woman whose only child was stolen away by a rare form of cancer....she has finally been given something to smile about.

I'm smiling with her.

Somehow, knowing that good things can happen after terrible things makes me feel like absorbing that sunshine radiating from the joy she is being blessed with.  It makes me feel like waking up in the morning.  It makes me feel like hope is, maybe, a good thing.

I've been doing hot yoga every day.  Walking my beautiful dog every day.  Writing every day.  Loving my children and husband every day...and still...missing Simon and Alexander....every day.

Some people have asked me if I'm clinging to the pain.  Silly people.  Some people have asked me why it isn't enough to have ALL that I have.  Silly people.  Some people.....some people have accused me of being greedy.  They are right.

I am greedy.  Greedy for what was lost, and can never be returned.

Nevertheless...in spite of my yearning for twins that should have been cozy in my arms, in spite of having wanted twins since I was a little girl, only to come....so very close.  I am beyond joyful for my friend...and I pray that her two little snowflakes are delivered to her safe, sound, healthy and vibrantly alive.

There is light in the world.

It's warmth is real.

I am grateful it exists for anyone....anywhere. 

Especially for those who have been in such terrible pain. 

To the Universe....I say  "Thank you....Thank you...."


  1. Well said. It is a wonderful reminder that the world can be kind as well as cruel. x

  2. I am thrilled beyond words for Kristin!

  3. this post made me smile and cry all at once <3

  4. I found it wonderfully healthy and healing to be able to celebrate - unreservedly - someone else's pregnancy ... and I am so pleased for Kristin.

  5. Lovely post, lovely news!!!! xo

  6. inspiring posts. keep it going on.... :) cheers


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