Thursday, September 17, 2009

Garbage Gut...

I just got home with my puppy....he has been at the vet for several days with what they eloquently called "Garbage gut". Sounds very medical right? Very official? What it means is that my sweet puppy likes to eat things that are not digestible. Rocks, grass, weeds, sand, wood chips, confetti, toys, small plastic items, flowers, carpet, string, crayfish shells....etc...etc...etc.....

So, even though my house is at it's peak level of fur baby still consumed enough crud to clog his entire system which almost killed him.

Now what?

I am on a mission. Clearly, vacuuming alone is NOT enough. I am getting down on all fours today, head low to the ground and I will find EVERYTHING if it kills me! I will also be leashing him, and closely monitoring him outdoors....because clearly I wasn't being vigilant ENOUGH. (this of course makes my children laugh because they think I am super anal about my sweet fur baby....they say I don't treat him like he's a dog... and..well...he ISN'T a "dog". He's my Ferdinand.)

I took him on the bus official comment to the driver of "He's a service puppy in training" gave us a smile and total access. My heart beat slowed to a comfortable place, and he quietly sat at my feet. The world is allowing us in together. I am allowed to be with my emotional helper.

And as perfect as anything could be right now.


  1. Oh poor little pup! I am so happy you were able to find out what was causing him discomfort. I had a friend who went through this with a cat that always ate her hair ties. Thinking of you and your adorable, fluffy little helper.

  2. Poor guy! My sister has a dog like this... she eats EVERYTHING! crazy doggies :)

  3. It's so stressful to have a sick pet. I hope Ferdinand feels better soon!

  4. He is doing sooo much better. back to his old sweet self...trying to eat things, but has learned the "Leave it!" command quickly with the aid of a quick draw on a water bottle. Took 4 times of that...and he has GOT the command. smart little boy! (Now if only he would just leave it without my telling him to!)


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